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My Influences

As way of a bit more of an introduction I thought I’d tell you all a little about my inspirations and influences.

Lucy Stendall is my mentor and guru. She smart, she’s funny, and she sees beauty in everything and everyone. Her pictures have a daydreamy quality, she makes you glow.

Emma Case is an actual wedding photography rock star. She captures emotion like no one else and makes you feel like you’re right there in the moment of her photos. She’s completely changed the playing field.

Clare Barker Wells has this innate understanding of light and how to use it. I fall into her images. It’s one of my ambitions to have her photograph me (but I’m too nervous to ask her).

Max Wanger is a true artist (plus he has a great name!) His use of space really speaks to me. I wish I had those beautiful Californian skies to work with (and the weather wouldn’t go amiss either).

I adore Yvonne Coomber and her strong use of colour. I’m desperate to own one of her beautiful floral paintings.

Maurice Denis is a French artist from the turn of the last century. He was part of a Symbolist collective called The Nabis and he was so innovative in his use of light, shadow and colour.

Finally, Instagram and the overall creativity of so many people out there. My favourite photographer on there is mad nomad - I feel like I get to experience his surroundings.

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